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ANITIX87 December 22, 2010 21:30

URGENT!!!! Model and Mesh in Workbench
Hi, all.

Running ANSYS12, trying to model C. Paradisi, the flying snake. I have my model, I have my enclosure, and I've completed a Boolean operation to subtract the snake from the enclosure and yield a SINGLE body.

I will eventually be analyzing in the FLUENT portion of ANSYS12, and have tried both a CFX Mesh and a normal Mesh. The normal mesh allows me to create 2D regions, but when I do so, and name them "inlet" and "outlet", I do not see them anywhere in my FLUENT set-up when I try to set boundary conditions.

Can anyone help?????? Thanks!


ANITIX87 December 24, 2010 00:02

Anybody? I'd love some help on this, please. Due very soon, and I'm completely stuck.


vishnukmd7 December 27, 2010 05:32

hmmm...i used to face this problem when I was starting off. Did u just name it that or did u specifically allot BC to the edges using ICEM or whichever mesher you are using?

Since u are working with workbench , I would recomend that when u are meshing the model , create named selections. Right click on the required surface/edge and select the last option : create named selections.Complete ur meshing and transfer it to fluent.That should work

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