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simox 2 January 11, 2011 15:49

problem with Transient Thermal Ansys
Hello everyone,
I put my problem to the attention there.
Do I have a 2-D modeling of the freezing of the soil by liquid nitrogen with Ansys v12.
created the model with 2D AutoCAD and exported as a file. "sat" I've imported into Ansys DesignModeler as 2D drawing.
Then, open Mechanical, has verified that the connections were correct (delete some that the program had created automatically, but that did not exist) I went to set the parameters for analysis by setting the initial temperature of the soil and temperature, constant of -196 C of the cryogenic fluid.
carried out the analysis I find a "Maximum Temperature" which exceeds the initial temperature of the soil (12 C) with values that grow just over 12 C before returning to 12 C.
This is clearly insignificant!
Where is the error?
Thanks for the help.
P.S. I enclose also gives me errors:

*** WARNING *** CP = 5.117 TIME= 19:33:29
Element shape checking is currently inactive. Issue SHPP,ON or
SHPP,WARN to reactivate, if desired.

*** WARNING *** CP = 5.616 TIME= 19:33:30
Material number 123 (used by element 22298 ) should normally have at
least one MP or one TB type command associated with it. Output of
energy by material may not be available.

*** WARNING *** CP = 11.310 TIME= 19:33:35
The closed gap/penetration may be too large. Increase pinball if it is
a true closed gap/penetration. Decrease pinball if it is a false one.

*** WARNING *** CP = 11.310 TIME= 19:33:35
The initial penetration/gap is relatively large. Bonded/no separation
option may cause an accuracy issue. Switch to MPC algorithm or you
may use the CNCHECK,ADJUST command to move the contact nodes towards
the target surface.

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