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smithy January 18, 2011 21:17

Modelling Thin Solids
Hello all

I'm a new user to ANSYS (and this forum), and a physicist by trade, so apologies in advance for any blatant engineering/ANSYS mistakes being made...

It is my task to create a thermal model. I have been having problems trying to create a mesh over the object I must model. The object is very thin in comparison with it's area. It is rectangular in shape, 110mm x 40mm, yet only 1 micron in thickness.

Initially I attempted this in Workbench, but have since been advised to move to ANSYS "Classic" and I have read and worked through many tutorials for both, but am still unable to find any solution.

The reading I have done indicates that maybe a shell-model is the way to go, specifically Shell 131 for the thermal study. But when I try to mesh using this it states that a volume is not found. However, I understand that shell-models are primarily 2D and the thickness of the object is important to my studies, so really a 3D model is what I require!

So, if anyone is able to share any wisdom about how I may start to go about modelling such an object successfully I would be very grateful!

Apologies if the answer is trivial, or if I have missed out any important details that may be required...

Thank you in advance, for any knowledge you are able to impart.

HVSmith :)

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