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EphemeralMemory January 20, 2011 20:20

Assigning Zones in Ansys ICEM CFD
Thanks for reading this,

I have a question about assigning zones in Ansys ICEM CFD. Basically, I have the spinal canal occupying the largest volume in the spine, with a smaller volume inside the spinal canal for the spinal cord (I have attached a image that depicts what I mean).

My question is: how do you assign the zones for each particular volume? If this is put into Fluent for simulations, it only sees the largest volume (The canal), and has that occupy its space plus that of the cord. How can you assign zones so that Fluent reads the mesh as a 2-volume entity?

In Gambit, this can be done manually pretty easy, but I would rather do this in Ansys, because the mesh has a pretty high element count (and we have a 32 bit version of Gambit for Windows).

Thanks for your help

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