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tensun January 24, 2011 06:22

loading of heat trsf coefficient
Gd Day All,

After performing my calculation on fluent, i am required to export all the heat trsf coefficients of the surfaces and subsequently load them into Ansys.

What format should i export them such that it is readable my Ansys?

do i need to create a table in ansys? or an extraction with the coordinates from fluent will be readable by ansys?

Thanks in advance!


Jade M January 28, 2011 14:34

Importing Convective Heat Transfer Coefficient
I have done this in CFX. I assume it is the same in Fluent. Please see below.

In Project Schematic of Workbench, link the Analysis System, Thermal, to your Fluent analysis. In Thermal, to prescribe convective heat transfer, right click on Imported Load (Solution) and select Insert and Convection Coefficient. Under Imported Load (Solution), a new item has appeared, Imported Convection Coefficient. Click on Imported Convection Coefficient. Note that, in Details, there is a directory path listed to the right of CFD Results File. If this cell is blank, then the analyses did not link properly. In Details, for Geometry, select appropriate faces and click Apply. Under Transfer Definition, under CFX Surface, select the liquid side of the solid interface. Under Transfer Definition, for Ambient Temp Type, select Constant. For Average Ambient Temperature, enter the appropriate value. Note that tech support says that this field should allow selection of tbulk for htc but this did not seem to appear. For Supplemental Film Coefficient is generally left as the default. If the calculated HTC is negative, then the value entered for the Supplemental Film Coefficient is used instead. To verify that the model is using the correct CFX results file, click on Imported Convection Coefficient, expand the Details view and check the CFD Results File. Right click on Imported Load (Solution) and select Imported Load. Thermal applies the convective heat transfer as a boundary condition.

Good luck!

rlamadri April 15, 2011 13:51

Hi guys, hi i'm trying to simulate a cross-flow heat exchanger using fluent 12, but i'm not sure where are the results of "global heat transfer coefficient, could you tell me in which tab is that?.


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