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vix January 28, 2011 09:45

Error in importing stl file to Gambit 2.4.6
Hi everyone,

I am relatively new to meshing, CFD etc and I am currently going through Gambit tutorials to get a hang of it.

I am trying to import an STL file by doing the following :
Gambit -> File -> Import -> Mesh
and changing the type to STL.

But I have tried importing 2 files and both files give me just one triangle element and this error ! :confused:

STL file to FIDAP7 file

Trying binary instead.

Read 3 nodes, 1 elements, 1 groups.
Error in reading the file
1 tri elements

merged 0 nodes (3 remain)

What does this error mean and how can I get Gambit to open my file ?
Please help as I am unable to go forward without this step

Thanks in advance.

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