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iffy February 3, 2011 10:46

running 2D airfoil mesh in CFX
I need to calculate boundary layer characteristics for 2D airfoil. For this I made 2D mesh in ICEM CFD (exactly following Simon's tutorial). As CFX cannot handle 2D so I tried to convert it to 3D. I have read previous threads regarding how to do this. I have tried following 2 ways.
1) converting mesh file into Fluent output file. This way works to some extent but when I open this fluent mesh file into CFX, I cannot see some of the boundaries in CFX. I defined inlet, outlet, wall, top, bottom etc in ICEM CFD and when I open mesh file in CFX I can only see some of the boundaries there not all of them. Can anyone here has some idea about the reason for this and how to handle this?
2) I also tried extruding the 2D mesh by one cell to make it 3D. Although I define the curves in the parts which I want them as boundaries (the curves are associated to the edges) but still in CFX, I cannot see any boundaries where I can put the bocos. Can anyone knows something about this.
I will really any suggestion/advice regarding this.


zhch_a February 13, 2011 22:35

Hi Irfan,

When extruding the mesh in ICEM, u should press 'A' to select all the mesh elements, so that the line elements on the boundaries would be extrude into 2D elements.


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