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synewave February 3, 2011 18:01

beginner question
hello all,i am very new to ansys and am trying to follow an ansys 12 tutorial i found online to create a cantilevered beam,i have run into problems at one step,the tutorial states when: Exporting The Geometry to The Model

In order to make sure to get the geometry data transferred to the Model a couple of steps must be taken. First, right click on "Geometry" then click on "Properties". Under "Properties of Schematic A3: Geometry" expand "Basic Geometry Options" and check the box to the right of "Line Bodies"

The version of ansys i am using is ansys 13 and the option to check the box does not appear anywhere for me under basic geometry options.the only options i can see are attributes,named selections and material properties.
when i try to move to meshing i get an error stating that a mesh control is not associated to any geometry,
any time spared answering this post appreciated.

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