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alienonym February 5, 2011 17:01

Explosion test in 2-D with Ansys 12
Hi all,

I really struggle to properly set up the test case explained in the CFD Online Wiki.

Though the case in itself is extremely simple and understandable, I just cannot find out how to draw (1 body or 2 bodies), give boundaries types or zone names (pressure inlet, outlet, far field) and BC in a way that does not give errors when trying to solve in Fluent.

I would be very grateful if someone had a tutorial (or some time to help) that I would use for this problem.

Many thanks in advance.

alienonym February 10, 2011 10:07

I tried the "bursting balloon" method.

In DesignModeler, I have a circle (the balloon) within a big square (the open air).The big square surface is generated from a sketch while the circle is generated as a "patch surface".

Then, during meshing, I create named selection. Problems begin here.
I define free-air boundaries as "pressure outlet" and the circular wall as interface. I name "Zone-int" the interior of the circle and "Zone-ext" the rest of the domain.

In Fluent, I define Pressure and Temperature (hence density as air is considered as an ideal gas) on the whole domain then patch Atmospheric Pression and Temperature on the domain out of the circle.

The calculation does not trigger errors but the result is not an explosion at all (no shock wave).

Then how could I improve the setup of the problem to generate a circular shock wave?
I would like to give up the drawing of the inner circle and just assign zone names for patching in Fluent. I would then avoid any problem with interfaces or mesh contacts.

Thanks for your help.

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