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mayan February 9, 2011 07:43

Run ansys 12.0 using batch mode (windows xp)
HI all
Please anyone tell me how to run the ansys 12.0 using batch mode ? I am using windows xp. Any help will be appreciated.

ravitejakatragadda February 11, 2011 12:00

ansys in batch mode
You can replay a workbench journal file in ansys 12.0 by the following command in command prompt:
<installation path>/v120/Framework/bin/<platform>/RunWB2.exe R *.wbjn I(or X,-B)

<platform> = win32/win64/Linux32/Linux64
-R = Replay the specified journal file on startup
-I = Run ANSYS Workbench in Interactive mode
-X = Run ANSYS Workbench in interactively and exit upon execution of
-B = Run ANSYS Workbench in batch mode
Hope this might answer your question

Polysf May 25, 2016 08:02

HPC ansys workbench submission
The workbench in batch mode in our HPC runs through the Runwb2.
If you have created a journal file in workbench you can submitted by typing under your main commands for name, mail, memory etc

module add apps/ansys/15.0

runwb2 -B -R journal.wbjn

And it will run.

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