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Chingon February 10, 2011 12:37

LS Dyna pressure data for SPH
Hi to all, I'm new to these forums. I am currently exploring the SPH-method in LS Dyna.

One of the test models to learn from was the 3D-dam break model from SPHeric:

After running the simulation, a qualitative comparison with the actual experiment gave good results. But to be able to make a quantitative comparison too, I would have to be able to get pressure data at certain fixed points (the pressure sensors) of the rigid block surface. And there is the problem: the pressures on the elements of a rigid block (*MAT: rigid) are uniquely zero. Making them 'deformable' (different *MAT-card) would be a possibility, but also increases CPU time with a very steep amount.
2 other things I've tried were the FSI_sensor (gave zero pressure: it's made for ALE) and the TRACER-particle (gave way too small, weird values).

Does anyone have an idea how to overcome this problem? It seems like I'm going to need data like this much more often in the future.


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