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saqure February 14, 2011 02:06

Subgrid Turbulent Kinetic Energy in LES
Is it possible to compute the subgrid TKE in a LES model solved in Fluent ? How ?:confused:

I need this to evaluate the quality of the grid...

Thanks in advance

khosrow August 31, 2012 15:10

I have same problem. Could any one help? really appreciate it.

stuart23 September 2, 2012 11:19

From what I remember, turbulence is modeled on the subgrid scale, so your value of k should indicate the TKE FOR EDDIES ON THE SUBGRID SCALE. You will need to find a different way if you want to find the TKE of eddies resolved on the grid though.

Can you even call the energy in large eddies TKE? They are turbulent, but they are resolved, and are therefore not lumped together in a k value. I guess that they are often shown as part of spectral densities, so they do form part of the TKE. Just never thought about it like this....


khosrow September 7, 2012 16:44

Thank you very much Stu. I am looking for a way to get the contours of subgrid scale turbulent kinetic energy in ANSYS FLUENT 13. But seems it does not have this option in its post-processing? Are you aware about how to get this contour in FLUENT ANSYS 13? Thanks again

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