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gholamghar February 18, 2011 08:22

Gambit-how to create a wireframe face from so many edges?
I need to create a Wireframe face from 6000 edges! these edges are named in a sequense i mean the name of the first edge is edge.1 and the name of the last edge is edge.6000
for creating this face i am writing a journal file but i wonder how in the journal file i can create a wireframe face without writing name of all the edges by hand i mean i do not want to write a journal file like this:

face create wireframe "edge.1" "edge.2" ... "edge.6000" real

it takes a lot of time to write all of the 6000 edges by hand in the journal file. is there anyway like a loop or something else that i can write and make a sequence for creating this face from 6000 edges?
when i wanted to create these 6000 edges from vortices i wrote in the journal file:

do para "$i" init 1 cond ($i .le. $imax)
$indice1 = "vertex."+NTOS(($i))
$indice2 = "vertex."+NTOS(($i-1))
edge create straight $indice1 $indice2

so as you see i was not forced to write all the vertices one by one by hand and a loop did it for me, now i return to the question i asked above, is it possible to create faces like the way i created my edges?
thanks in advance

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