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altomos February 24, 2011 17:37

Need solution for acruator disc simulation, help me pls!
Hello my elders,

Recently, I'm trying some analysis on a tidal turbine. I applied actuator disc method. But I got these problem:

- Meshing: I cannot make proper mesh for such a zero-thickness disc inside the flow field. I'm using ICEM CFD for meshing. I tried with hexa, it's no use since I cannot select the disc region to define a part. And with tetra, a disc is clearly form, but how to define the front and back of the disc?? :confused:

- CFX-Pre: My simulation is a turbine sinked under water. So I have to use both actuator disc method and free surface flow simulation (water and air). I don't know which theory or proper method to apply. And since I myself setup the case based on my skill, the result is so bad T_T I used VOF model as in a tutorial, but the result is not physically correct. :(

I've read and been fighting with it for 2 months. I finally end up posting it here since many tries. Please help me out.

Thank you very much!!

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