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EphemeralMemory March 3, 2011 15:59

Boundary Condition Definition: Please help
Hey, all, I have a question about declaring boundary conditions, I tried posting this in Ansys general forum but I thought I's try something new. I need help specifically on declaring inlets, outlets, etc.

I have the Ansys 12.1 package, and I know how to crate meshes from STL data, and I know how to import the created mesh files into fluent and use fluent... but I do not know how to declare boundary conditions in the Ansys 12.1 package.

In Ansys ICEM CFD, know where the boundary condition screen is, but I have no idea how to use it (documentation helped very little).

How do you declare a subset of a volume to be an inlet, or an outlet, etc?

Thanks for reading this

zhenglun.wei May 7, 2011 20:48

you need to create parts before you define boundary conditions.

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