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nha1g08 March 21, 2011 18:53

Flow does not go through nozzle???
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I am trying to simulate a 3d flow going through a nozzle, and into a chamber

Here is the geometry:

Attachment 6983

and here is the mesh

Attachment 6984

But when i run it in fluent i get the following result

Attachment 6985

The flow does not go through the nozzle, when i clearly defined the boundary condition for the outlet face to be a 'pressure outlet'.

Why is it not going out?

I also dont know why but the the same outlet face is defined by three faces, i set all three faces to be a pressure outlet. For example face 3, face 7, face 18 are in fact the same face as the nozzle exit. Could this be the problem?

nha1g08 March 22, 2011 13:27

can anyone help?

Nickul April 5, 2011 17:21

bit late but hey, You should set the outlet face to an interior, as it is now with the nozzle exit face set as a pressure outlet it is able to freely exit the domain, not what you want at that point. Make sure their is one face at the nozzle exit, or more accuratley one interior face common to the nozzle interior and your ambient domain, not two faces belonging to each volume on top of one another, then when coming from Gamble , fluent will turn them into walls.

nha1g08 April 5, 2011 18:38

thanks for the reply Nickul, yes I did set it to interior and it solved the problem.

Simon0114 May 6, 2011 09:47

Hi,I'm making a project the same as yours,I set the boundary conditions refering to some papers,but the solution is always diverged,so can you give me some help on the boundary conditions setting,thanks

nha1g08 May 6, 2011 11:31

hello, are you trying to simulate vortex rings?

Simon0114 May 6, 2011 21:13


Originally Posted by nha1g08 (Post 306507)
hello, are you trying to simulate vortex rings?

no,I just simulate a 3D flow through a nozzle,mainly simulate the flow in the ambient,the ambient was simplified to a cube,just as a chamber like yours

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