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potac March 24, 2011 06:26

particle deposition on a surface in Euler-Euler
Hi everybody,
I would like to simulate snow deposition on a surface using Euler-Euler and moving boundary. I have run some tests and it seems like all the 'particles' hitting the no-slip boundary do not stick to it and behave as a fluid. In other words, when I define a wall BC on sides all the cells are to be filled up one by one. When one replaces the wall BC by for instance opening, no accumulation happens (snow volume fraction stays low and constant in the boundary cell).
The particles are defined to be solid particles of lower viscosity than air. The kinematic model is disabled. I have tried to set the Restitution coefficient to 0 without any change.
I have gone through the CFX setup menus and user guide to figure it out but unfortunately have not found a solution yet.
Is it possible to solve this in CFX or Fluent? Any hints, please?
Thank you very much. Appreciate that.

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