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Peterz April 18, 2011 22:59

The reduction in computational effort-urgent
Hello everybody, I do have an urgent question..

I modeled a beam , using symmetry I just modeled one-fourth of the beam. I constrained the beam in cutting planes.. anyways.

I just want to know by reducing the size of the model four time, ( the number of nodes , and number of elements) how much my matrix operation is reduced. how does it relate to the total computational effort ?

I know the stiffness matrix will be one-fourth and the number of the components will be one/16th , but does this mean that the front matrix will be one/16th in each side !?

noting that I just used normal solid elements with three DOFs at each node.

please help me , your help in any extent is very much appreciated !

k_k May 2, 2011 04:39


consider u have 'n' nodes. The size of your stiffness matrix will be 3n x 3n. If you reduce the number of nodes by 1/4 th, the size of the new stiffness matrix will be 3(n/4)x3(n/4). So you reduce n/16 numbers in the stiffness matrix. This implies a reduction in computational cost by (n/16)^2.


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