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rskrishna87 April 28, 2011 10:13

Compressibility of a gas
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Hi everyone,

I am a little bit new to ANSYS workbench. And i am trying to figure out how to do a simulation fo compressibility of a gas.
Basically as see in the picture we have a steel tube inside which we have a metal which is dark in colour and argon gas.

The known properties of them are
alpha steel =14.5e-6/C and E=175GPa
alpha metal=26e-6/C and E=96GPa
Gas=Argon-Density=1.784kg/m^3,dynamic viscosity=23.9e-6kg/m-sec;Thermal conductivity=180e-4W/m-K

So my doubt here is what is the method to do this simulation and. do i have to use static structural analysis only?

Hope for a quick replyy:)
Thanks a lot in advance,

karthickeyan December 15, 2011 06:16

in fluent
you need to simulate using in-cylinder under dynamic mesh option in fluent

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