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stone123 May 13, 2011 12:58

Starting an MFX analysis via command line
Hi Everyone,

I have Ansys v13 x64 bit and seems that this version does not have the MFX-Ansys/CFX simulation environment in Ansys Product Luncher.

My problem is that I did not understand how to run an FSI analysis from the command line.

The Ansys guide says that I need to start ANSYS Master typing the command: "ansys130 -p productname -mfm fieldname -ser port...." but I did not really understand where to type this command.

I am wondering if someone with more experience can explain step by step this part that is not clear to me at all.

Many thanks

stone123 May 19, 2011 09:29

Hi Everyone,

I hope I was clear with my question. But does anyone had experience with this problem before? or this is so obvious.

Thanks again

stumpy May 26, 2011 15:41

In general posting in the CFX forum gets more responses.
Take a look at section in the CFX Solver Manager documentation. MFX runs are launched using cfx5solve.

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