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binke May 22, 2011 14:28

HELP:cad geometry of an aircraft
basically i want to capture wingtip vortices's in an air craft and its effects on other planes flying near by
for this i need a 3d cad geometry
and import those points to gambit
do you have any idea where i can find one?
i dont need sth detailed just realistic
other than that
any suggestions on mesh generation?
i plan to simulate 7 planes flying together

jchawner May 28, 2011 14:31

Hello binke/rey:

First thing that comes to mind is the geometry from AIAA's Drag Prediction Workshop. Here is the link to one of the workshops: There have been other workshops with variations on the geometry.

Hope this helps.

binke May 28, 2011 14:36

thank you
this is kind of exactly what i was looking for i found some other geometries but i was not sure if they were accurate
and also i might import airfoil 2d points and extrude them
but i think these geometries are better
thank you very much
it was really helpful

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