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ano999 May 24, 2011 04:40

Ansys Post processing
Is there a way to visulaize the streamlines in a finite region of the fluid domain in ANSYS post processing?

I have set up a problem in DesignModeler and meshed it using mesher. If I do try and add a frozen box in the geometry for the purpose of using that box in the post processing (this box being my region of interest) the mesher meshes it seperately, though it overlaps the main domain, and the mesh becomes messed up. All other options in geometry don't really do much because my computational domain is a boolean subtract body.

Is anyone aware of a way to specify a small region of interest in post without changing the meshing and/or anything in the problem setup?

I have little experience with ANSYS post so any help would be appreciated.

William D Acosta May 27, 2011 16:24

Yes you can see the streamlines, just specify a region and where they start from (tipically an inlet).

Regarding the mesh, are you meshing it as a multibody part or as separete parts? You can mesh them together if in geometry you select the bodies of interest, right click > Form new part.

i hope that helps...

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