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William D Acosta June 2, 2011 13:00

New Cutcells method Ansys 13 symmetry problem and doubt
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Hi guys
My problem is: Im using the new Cutcells method in Ansys 13 to mesh a complicated geometry. I tried before with Sweep and PI tetra (supported together in new Ansys 13), but it was a really huge monster of mesh . Then switched to Cutcells which gives me a smaller mesh to begin with. The problem is that im modeling just half of the model, and I was going to use a symmetry boundary condition in Fluent, but in the manual states that: “In the case of the Symmetry feature, it is accessible when CutCell meshing is active but it will not be respected. If you attempt to use Symmetry with CutCell, a warning message is issued.”

I tried with a similar but simpler geometry, using Cutcells and then simulating in Fluent. It gave me no warning, and I tried the Symmetry View and it work, but dunno if its just a simple “Graphic Symmetry” or a really domain symmetry.

One other thing, a suggestion for Cutcells to mesh accurately the edges of a surface? Cause the nodes of a surface are overlapping one of my BC surface…. even with a really small sizing added.

Thanks for all your readings and comments.

William D Acosta June 8, 2011 10:33

i asked regional support team and they told me that its ok to use a symmetry BC in fluent, the warning refers to the mesh symmetry.

Small Edge sizing will solve the problem of overlapping

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