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vincentryan.s June 7, 2011 15:31

ANSYS License Error

I have installed ANSYS v 13.0 in windows XP i am getting the following error

1. while i open my server Anslic_Admin utility
License Manager Status
License Interconnect : running
License Interconnect Monitor : Running
FLEXlm: not running
2. while i check the license status i am gettgine the error
license server is up 11.8
Vendor daemon status: ansyslmd: the desired vendor daemon is down (-97, -121)

3. While i instal my license file i am getting that the FLEXlm ID does not match with the SYSTEM FLEXlm id error.
4. While i set license preference for user pc i am getting the following error
ERROR: unable to retrive the licensed site preference information.
The specified license path
ANSYLI_SERVER :2325@localhost
FLEXlm Servers: 1055@localhost
does not have any license for any product please make sure the license server has been started correctly

Kindly help me to solve the error

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