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ckbenjamin June 14, 2011 02:53

Importing CFX to FLUENT
Hi I am new to FLUENT and I am currently trying to import my CFX simulations into FLUENT to see how the 2 compare.

I have my mesh files ready from workbench, with defined 'regions' required for my boundary conditions.

In the 'project schematics', I transferred the 'mesh' into the 'setup' for FLUENT.

When I launch FLUENT. The geometry and mesh appeared to be loaded, but the 'regions' that I specified in meshing was not transferred. In the 'boundary conditions' of FLUENT, I was only able to see 2 zones called 'interior-solid' and 'wall-solid'.

How do I ensure that my 'regions' are properly transferred to FLUENT?

Doginal June 26, 2011 18:10


I'm not sure if you figured out this problem by now but i was struggling trying to figure out the zones myself the other day.

I assume you are using Ansys 12 or 12.1 and using the ansys CFX mesher. If you are defining the boundaries in the CFX-Mesher they will not carry over. You have to define Named Selections in Ansys Mesh or the the GM. To do that you select a face, right click on it and choose "Create Named Selection".

Here is a video showing exactly how to do it:

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