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steelydan June 20, 2011 06:20

Modeling solid particles within fluid flow
Hi I've done a few initial searches on these boards but I may have missed/not searched correctly.

I've used fluent for a while now, primarily for turbulence based applictaions, but I'm branching into a new area and would like a little help if possible.

What I would like to model is the migration of neutrally bouyant particles due to secondary flow in a curved duct under laminar flow conditions. Ideally I want to model microfluidic flow with microparticles, however I am prepared to try this at a macro level first of this is simpler to achieve.

I've been recommended the EDEM software add-on however I've yet to successfully impliment any of the inbuilt particle modelling capabilities.

Does anyone have any guidelines on where to begin modelling particles within Fluent, so far I've struggled to get anything to work with injections etc but I guess I must be missing something.

Many thanks

zino July 22, 2011 03:01

you can use DPM model for macro sized partices. it provide lift option as well
for micro sized particle multiphase approaches can be used which will also provide you lift option with ur suggested values.

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