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mechanicaldesign June 21, 2011 01:48

ANSYS Workbench 11 backup problem,
Hi all,

I encounter a problem with Workbench, because of backup: I made some simulation, with the FEM model (geometry + results) situated on a local folder. After some simulation, the quantity of simulation have couple 2.5Gb quantity ocupped on harddisk. Unfortunately for me, the quantity from C partition decreases very much, because (in my opinion) ANSYS made some beckups of simulations, and in this manner ocupped memory space from harddisk.

Can tell me somebody if exist some backups folder on ANSYS, were exist on C partition ? Have somebody an ideea about reason because memory from harddisk decreases vertiginous after every run, and the quantity from my local folder increase very slow (how is normaly). I want to specify that with ANSYS Classic I don't encountered this trouble.

Thanks in advance to all which can offer me an solution or explanation from my problem.

Best regards.

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