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lingdeer July 21, 2011 17:08

2way FSI with Ansys workbench
I plan to do some blood vessel FSI modeling with CFX. I started with some ANSYS tutorials for 2way FSI. I followed the manual and start using ansys workbench to link my CFX fluid and transient structual (ANSYS) system together. In the manual, a full list of analysis systems are available. However, in my ANSYS workbench, only CFX and FLUENT are under the Analysis toolbox. :confused:And I can't couple the fluid to solid system then because only two fluid systems are available.

Does anyone have the same problem and knows the way to solve it?
It is very frustrating...I cant even start working on setting up the simulations...:(

Suggestions are highly appreciated! THanks!

Andrew.Coughtrie July 28, 2011 06:01

Its either that they aren't being shown, you can see what is available by clicking on "View all/Customise" at the bottom of the tool box. Alternativly you don't have them because you don't have them installed and no licence is available for those modules. If thats the case you can't do FSI this way with what you have.


lingdeer July 28, 2011 10:53

ya I think my older version 12.1 has this problem. I got the v13 and everything is linked properly now. Thanks for the info!

zzura May 9, 2013 03:48

Sorry may I know where can I get the tutorial?huhu..
I'm beginner in CFD world

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