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Black Ni July 26, 2011 16:44

Saved in Workbench 32 bit, open in Workbench 64 bit.
I am wondering if it is possible to create, simulate and save a project in ANSYS Workbench 32 bit version and open the project in 64 bit.

I hava a stationary now that I am running ANSYS Workbench32 bit on and in between simulations it would be nice to play with the results on my laptop which is a 64 bit system. Hence my question.

Max Efficiency July 28, 2011 03:59

This should be no problem. I am working with Ansys 32 bit and 64 bit, as well. I can change between both systems as often as I like. No problems occure during that procedure.

Although it is possible to start a run on 32 bit system, stop it and continue it on the 64 bit system. And the other way round, of course.

But be careful: When you have large simulations/meshes it sometimes only work with 64 bit systems. For example when there is more than 2 GB memory required for the solving process.

Black Ni July 28, 2011 09:32

Thank you very much for your detailed reply.

I am running all the simulations on the 32 bit system so I should not have any problems.

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