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Colt Seavers August 1, 2011 07:06

Import transient cfx-results for static structural analysis in Ansys WB 13
Hey everyone,
I want to calculate the hydraulic stresses in an impeller. After doing the transient cfd simulations in cfx i want to apply the static pressure onto the impeller's surface in Ansys WB 13 for the mechanical analysis.
I want to do static structural calculation for a couple of timesteps from the cfx-results (to get the results for one period).
When i import the solution in the project schematic in WB there are 3 import options (i dont know the exact words in english, cause i only have the german version, these are the possible options anyway):

1-import only final result

2-import whole history as seperated cases

3-import whole history as one case

At first I tried to import a .tra-file for the specific timestep with option 1. Even tho the import popup offers me the possibility to import .tra-files, after refreshing the setup from the connected static-structural-analysis, i get an error message saying somethings missing in the imported-load-file

I tried the other options importing the .res-file but after importing in the mechanical interface there is only ONE (the final) timestep available to choose in the load-details-window.

So ok, i got excessive in writing here.

Can anybody tell me how I can import transient results in WB 13 to apply the pressure as loads in static structural analysis for different timesteps and not only for the final one?

thx in advance

mvoss August 11, 2011 06:01

Just an idea: set up a two-way-FSI simulation and just donīt let the mechanical part talk back to the cfx simulation (no ux,uy,uz). Simulate one period from an initial solution and i think this what you wanted- interpolated results from cfx to mech. for one period PLUS the benefit of synced results.


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