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doorna August 5, 2011 02:30

Simulation of blood vessel and tricuspid valve
Dear all
I want to simulate a simplified blood vessel and tricuspid valve using ICME and CFX.I have found oscillating plate in the tutorial of CFX ,useful for my simulation.Some people suggested me to make the geometry and meshing in Gambit and then importing into cfx.I am new to CFX and ICEM.Can you plzz help me to make aaaliittleee progress with my simulation?I want to start with making the geometry and meshing.
Your answers are immensely appreciated in advance!

mvoss August 10, 2011 10:00

Are you heading for FSI (oscillating plate)?

Im not 100% shure about that but afaik there is no "easy-working" approach for meshing in ICEM and running a full 2-Way-FSI-Simulation in WB2.0 (please correct me, i would love to see such!!).

What exactly are you looking for: transient-steady_state?


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