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hsadek August 8, 2011 15:45

Gridgen files to ICEM CFD

I have .gg (gridgen) files and I need to open it in ICEM CFD 13.0

Is it possible or if there's an alternative way to do it?


jchawner August 14, 2011 17:47

Hussein: I'd export CGNS files from Gridgen and import those into ICEM CFD.

(Actually, I'd never export a grid to ICEM for reasons that should be obvious. If there's something you need Gridgen to do, let me know.) ;-)

hsadek August 14, 2011 18:57

Thanks John for your reply.
For some reasons I have to work with ICEM CFD and I already have some full generated mesh files in Gridgen.
Is Theres a way I can export the geometry from Gridgen to ICEM?

jchawner August 14, 2011 19:17

Hussein: Reread my message. Export CGNS from Gridgen. Import CGNS to ICEM.

hsadek August 16, 2011 15:49

When I export the files to CGNS, the problem is that theres no connectors and I cant change in the geometry and as a result I cant do any changes in the mesh.
Thats what I meant by exporting the whole geometry.

jchawner August 16, 2011 16:03

Sorry, but I'm not aware of a way to get all of Gridgen's topology data out and into ICEM. Maybe ICEM has a Gridgen reader I don't know about.

sebastian July 26, 2012 05:19

did you find a way to import the Gridgen geometry into Ansys ICEM?
I am having the same problem. Only the .gg file is available, but I need in ICEM.


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