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faisal_durr August 10, 2011 05:56

Finding Re Number
Hello, I am running a test case in Ansys CFX. During solver right at the beginning one gets these numbers for the domains in which they also give a value for the Re number. Is this the final Re number of my test case? I mean the Re number is dependent on the mean value of velocity inside the domain. So even before the simulation has reached convergence and ended and a final value of mean velocity is found how can they give the Re at the beginning of the simulation. If there is another way of finding the Re number for a test case via ANSYS CFX and not through math please tell. Thank you so much.

Josh September 5, 2011 14:12

This is the solver Reynolds number. Read about it in the Help files. In general, I ignore it. Calculate your Reynolds number based on the mean flow and a characteristic length.

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