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syafiq August 23, 2011 17:43

Error on licensing problem
I did analysis for a model using ANSYS CFX. its all good from defining geometry until the setup but when i run the solution, it return me with this error

| ERROR #001100247 has occurred in subroutine . |
| Message: |
| |
| The solver is unable to continue because of licensing problems. |
| |
| A license for the following capability level could not be checked |
| out: |
| |
| Introductory Capability Solver |
| |
| Please carefully examine the error message output above and check |
| that: |
| |
| 1) The license server is specified correctly and is running. |
| |
| 2) An appropriate license is available for checking out. |
| |
| These problems can be checked using the ANSYS Client ANSLIC_ADMIN |
| utility. For further troubleshooting information please consult |
| ANSYS, Inc. Licensing Guide. |

what is that means? do my Ansys software have a license problem?
what i should do? what options do i have?
where to found "ANSYS Client ANSLIC_ADMIN"

im totally new on this software, just been introduced to it few weeks ago
hope there is someone can help


Max Efficiency August 24, 2011 04:04

IF working with Windows you can find the ANSYS Client ANSLIC_ADMIN tool in the start menu - Ansys.

Please check, if you have a license for the "Introductory Capability Solver" in your license pool. That means: You or someone else has bought it.

And you should check, if the license is available or in use by another person or another process that is still running.

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