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arunraj August 28, 2011 21:22

what's d easiest way fr meshing Inlet Distortion screen geometry fr axial compressor?
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I have attached the sample geometry ...plz go through that and tell me some way for meshing this ....Your help will be highlly appreciated

Josh September 5, 2011 14:07

It's a structured mesh, so use ICEM since the CFX Mesh program can only do unstructured meshes. Here's an ICEM tutorial for airfoils - the premise is the same:

arunraj September 5, 2011 14:17

Hi Josh,
R u suggesting me to use structured grid ?....I am using unstructured Tetra volume mesh option in ICEM CFD for meshing this geometry...But for this I m getting floating point overflow error always..I don't know what to do now ...Please go through this once and give some idea...

I have created the mesh for 90 degree distortion screen through Icem cfd and I have imported that in Ansys cfx....Earlier it has shown i m having isolated volumes ..But i m sure there are no isolated volumes ..So i have set the expert parameter to uncheck the isolated volumes ... After that it has shown that integer and real memory are i have increased the stack memory size..Now finally it is showing "floating point overflow error "...( ONly 10 iterations are going after that solver gets stopped)

type::steady state simulation
Inlet boundary condition :: Static pressure
Static Pressure=101325 pa
Outlet boundary condition:: mass flow rate
mass flow rate= 2 kg/s
Remaining faces of the domains :: I have considered it as opening
Opening boundary condition values::
opening Relative pressure = 1010325 pa
opening Temperature :: 300k
For the screen which i have kept inside the center part of the domain, i HAVE CONSIDERED THE SCREEN AS A WALL
Turbulence model:: Shear transport(SST)
Heat transfer model:: Total energy
Solver settings::
Advection scheme:: High resolution
Auto time scale:: conservative:: Time scale=0.75

I am not understanding whether i m doing any mistake in Boundary conditions..So plz help me in sorting this problem

I m attaching a picture of model for reference...
Your help will be highly appreciated

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