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pstreufert October 5, 2011 15:47

Conjugate heat transfer FLUENT vs CFX
Hi all - we're doing a conjugate heat transfer problem - a very large steel disk (about 8 feet in diameter, 6 inches thick) with a narrow cooling passage inside, only 1/2 inch tall, traveling through part of the large solid mass. I am running Fluent and it takes a long time to converge for energy - approximately 3500 iterations, but solution appears correct for the boundary conditions (hot fluid, ambient convection on the outside and heat flux on one surface). The CFX model is being run by another person - it converges quickly, but I can't help but wonder if the solid heat conduction is being fully converged. I haven't run CFX myself at all, so am not used to the different methods used vs. Fluent.

Can anyone tell me how to make sure the CFX model is being run properly - isn't there a different solid timescale vs. fluid, for example?


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