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henna07 October 10, 2011 16:01

Measure lift and drag forces in 3D
Hi all

I am simulating airflow around a 50 mm square cylinder in a wind tunnel. In a 2D simulation it is very easy to get the lift and drag coefficients but I need to do a 3D analysis as well. The main point of the 3D analysis is to measure the lift and drag coefficients at different points along the span of the cylinder. Does anyone have any suggestions?


ExtraTim October 17, 2011 16:18

Assuming you are using FLUENT, I know you can break up a surface into separate surfaces and find the individual values that you are looking for, for each surface. I know in ICEM this is very simple, as you name your surfaces as you go, and I would assume doing it within any other modeling program would be just as easy.

Just make sure in FLUENT that you go under Monitors-->and specifically select an an individual drag/lift coefficient for each surface, rather than the entire part as a whole (which is what most people do, but I understand your problem is different). Just make sure your coefficients are pointing in the correct x/y/z directions and you should be good to go.

Best of luck!

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