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Danath October 19, 2011 07:58

Problem with Volumes Gambit
Hello !

i have creates two volumes(create real brick).These volumes are side by side (the side of a volume is glued to the side of the other volume)

when i try to merge the volumes i see a message that says that "Error: Volume volume.X can not be merged with other volume(s) (it is disconnected)"
When i try to create the volumes with edges everything is ok!(because i take the face of the first volume as the face of the other)

can i connect the volumes without change the drawing ?

-mAx- October 19, 2011 08:20

you have 2 common faces superposed.
Then connect the 2 surfaces, it won't merge your 2 volumes.
But after connecting you will be able to merge the volumes.

PS: There is a subforum dedicated to Ansys Mesh:
You will have more chance to get a quick reply

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