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Jonas_mm October 25, 2011 04:37

[CFX,ICEM] Simulation of wing / airfoil profile - pyramid elements, angle of attack
I'm quite new to cfd simulation with ANSYS cfx and icem. I'm trying to simulate some wing profiles under different angles of attack to find out the lift and drag. The goal is to create a wing for a formula car with estimated corner speeds of ~40km/h.
I already got some results but I am wondering whether I am getting correct reults or I can speed up my work.

what i do:
- extrude profile in catia, set the angle of attack, create a box around it, import it as *.igs in icem
- create octree mesh, create delaunay mesh, generate prsim layer on wing surface
-solve it with cfx, 40 km/h inlet velocity

- is my procedure correct?
- i always get a row of pyramid elements at the edge of the wing, where the two prism layers meet. is there a quick way to get rid of it? will it affect my results?
- is there a better way to simulate different angles of attack then rotating it in catia an generate a new mesh

thank you for your answers

Jonas_mm November 1, 2011 08:40

can anyone help?

mvoss November 4, 2011 04:26

depending on your farfield configuration you could also think about instead of changing the geometry just changing the inlet_vector via CEL-Expressions from run to run. OR use the parameter options (e.g. DOE) and the scripting within ICEM.


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