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mohammadkm October 28, 2011 17:27

plot the pathlines
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Dear all
First of all I'm so thankful for your compassionate help in this useful site.
I have a problem in plotting the pathlines. I study the steady flow in a curved pipe.I simulated the model in Fluent. Is there anyway or which software can show the pathlines like the picture that I have attached.
I attached the geometry and the picture of pathlines which I am trying to show. Actually it shows the pathlines of a particle in a tube as a 2D in a surface.
I really stick on this problem, and I don't know which software (Fieldview or tecplot) can do it for me?
I can get the pathlines of particle in a global cartesian coordinate(in Fluent), but I don't know how to convert them to the local cylindrical to draw this there any formula to convert them in excel?
Thanks again for your help in advance.

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