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rr123 October 31, 2011 13:31

Ansys 13 software

I am in need of the complete Ansys 13 software verison (which includes Fluent, CFD-POST, etc).
Can anyone send me a copy of this version ?

Thanking you
Kind regards,

bharat05 November 13, 2011 09:36

u can torrent it,but many guys including me are able to get through the license manager mess,so go for ansys 12.0 ,it can be easily patched

emreg November 14, 2011 13:02

itsnot very hard to introduce licence file to the manager.
You all need to search on internet with these words "ansys 13 magnitude"

emreg November 14, 2011 13:03

and also plz search youtube with "ansys 13 install" for installation instructions.

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