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tim_337 November 9, 2011 04:32

Generate Workbench-Parameter based on transient Calculation
i have a question on the coupling between Ansys-Workbench and Fluent. I must admit that I am pretty unexperienced concerning fluent.

I would like to use the Design-Exploration-Features of Ansys Workbench for a transient Fluent calculation. More precicely: I would like to Calculate the mean-value of a Force, regarding the last 200 timesteps of a calculation, to get a scalar Value.
This value should be handed over to Ansys-workbench as a parameter to use the value for an optimization within the Workbench Design-Explorer.

If I use the Results/Reports/forces -option, only the value of the last timestep is handed over to Ansys Workbench.

I would be very grateful for a hint how to get this done.
Thanks in advance

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