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chris85 November 17, 2011 16:29

Boundary Question
Hi all,

First time poster here so bear with me.

I am in studies and doing some work on CFD on Fluent 13.0. I basically have a 2D model to represent a flat plate (bottom boundary and a flow over it in parallel. I have been advised to set the left boundary as a velocity inlet which sounds ok as modelling air flow over. I have also been advised to set the top boundary as a velocity inlet also.

I am just unsure exactly why the top boundary is set as a velocity inlet?

The top should in reality would be open and thus have no effect on the area being examined (the flat plate) however just would be good to hear why this is the best way to set it up?

Alternatively i was considering setting the top boundary to be a moving wall with the same velocity as set for the left boundary (velocity inlet)



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