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srad December 9, 2011 02:28

Flow around formula car
Im now analizing flow around formula car, especially on under the vehicle often called floor, undertray or underbody.

I got a result showing negative force(downforce)on floor and as a hole vehicle.
But the analisys was done with k-ε.

Turned on k-ω, then I got positive force as hole vehicle, almost 0 force on floor.
I can under stand flow separation occurs stronger on k-ε, then downforce will be decreased.

One model with k-ε shows similar downforce to experimantal data, but when with k-ω, shows lift force!

Another with k-ε shows too much excessive downforce, but with k-ω, shows similar to experimantal data.

All the surface under the body is meshed as prism layer, and others are tetra.
Is this a problem?

Or are there other problems?

I can't resolve this problem for a long time!

Please help me. Please.

aero_suresh December 10, 2011 03:57

Dear Srad,
the following reference may be useful.
which deals with car conceptual design using k-e model.

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