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anna January 3, 2012 15:54

*** Help in Ansys Mesh ***
Hello ,
could anyone please kindly help me in generating a 3-d mesh between two surfaces in ANSYS-ICEM 13.
I have two surfaces and the mesh for the calculation lies between these two surfaces, how to generate that mesh?
Thanks in advance.:D

PSYMN January 3, 2012 17:04

Please try a tutorial or two...

anna January 3, 2012 17:10

which tutorials you recommend me?
i did some but i think no focus on that kind of application.

PSYMN January 3, 2012 17:13

What kind of volume mesh are you looking for? Tetra/Prism? Hexa?

Meshing between two sheets is simpler than any of the tutorials. Doing pretty much any of them should give you the steps you need for the meshing part.

I guess all you will need to do on top of that is figure out how to create surfaces from the edges of the surfaces to close the gap between them and create a single volume.

There isn't some special button to mesh the volume between two surfaces. It is just meshing a volume and you need to create it if you only have two surfaces.

sheikh nasir February 2, 2012 23:13

help in sliding mesh for train in tunnel
can any one help me in sliding mesh technique 2D analysis for train passing through tunnel. my email is

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