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jackmarrow January 5, 2012 10:35

Problem with Newton's cradle Ansys WB 13.0
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I'm going a school project where I'm supposed to create a Newton cradle i ANSYS Workbench 13.0. My problem is that i can't even get it to swing. See attachment for geometry and settings.

It consist of a 2-D surface model, a string as the "line" 4 x 80 mm with a vertex, and a circle D = 30 mm, with shared nodes.

The vertex of the line is attached with a remote displacement that is zero in X- and Y-direction and free rotation about Z. A Standard earth gravitation is also applied.

The only thing that happens is that it moves like 5 degrees (12 mm deformation) I have tried to change the time interval and a lot of other stuff. ATM it is a static structure, Does it need to be transient? Tried that too but can't make it work either.

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