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CMurphy January 11, 2012 19:09

Airfoil surface roughness

I am in final year in university and as part of my project I need to model an airfoil under different surface roughness conditions. I have gone through the Workbench airfoil tutorial and was wondering if this can be modified to vary the surface roughness? Any help that would put me in the right direction would be much appreciated!


scipy January 13, 2012 17:07

I'm not familiar with the tutorial you've mentioned, but I know there's a surface roughness option in Fluent (under boundary conditions, pick the wall that represents the airfoil and it should be there..).

Other than that, I'm guessing you'd have to actually make the geometry rougher and have a pretty fine mesh to capture the roughness.

Maybe someone with more experience can correct me.

Far January 14, 2012 01:25

It is not practical to make the CAD model with these surfaces and it is near to impossible to mesh relatively very small geometric features (microns I am sure). You need to select this as option available in boundary conditions. Also read the turbulence model section related to roughness modeling

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