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miroslavgojic January 24, 2012 02:30

Mixing water and air
What I should use to simulate mixing water and air; Fluent or CFX?

I have two pipes, in first is water and in second is air.
Pipes go to chamber for mixing and from chamber go out to empty space...

ComputerGuy January 24, 2012 19:04

My advice is for a simple system like that, use the one you're most comfortable with. Depending on your version (I think), the process for geometry creation and meshing should be similar.

Fluent will be fine for simulating this system; what are you trying to determine?


miroslavgojic January 25, 2012 01:49

The meshing is same or almost same for CFX and Fluent and my version is 13.

I have atomizer with complex geometry,

I need to get dissipation field on out (outlet) from atomizer.

I have some questions:
- How much bodies and part I need to have - can I use one part and one body or more parts and bodies?
- How to define two fluid inlets, and how to define empty space for out from atomizer ?
- In Fluent in Models what options I should use ... (Energy ||/& Viscous ||/& Mixture ||/& ...) and what is good practice with this Model ?
- How to define mixing chamber - empty space or fluid
- How to get results in 3D? Now I can get only my results in symmetry plane.

I'm new with CFD and any help will be good...



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