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FL3JM February 2, 2012 06:05

Explicit Dynamics - How do i set Body Interactions?
So i have this marine crane cad model that i need to do a dynamic FEM analysis on. The model is made in Autodesk Inventor Inventor Professional 2011 and then exported to Parasolid ASCII format which is then imported to Ansys Workbench in a Explicit Dynamics module. The module imports well and i can mesh the whole thing, but i cant set any joints or anything. I can select parts and create a "Body Interaction" but the Body-Ground or Body-Body roll down menus everything is grayed out.
I just want to be able to set how my model is supposed to be assembled with all the joints and stuff. Have i missed something? I have only used the static FEM analysis before, so i am kinda inexperienced in this.

Thank you for any help or tips!

Konrad Lindblad
Mechanical Engineering
Royal Institute of Technology

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