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MainzerKaiser February 13, 2012 11:45

Re-Importing deformed solid structure in designmodeler in 2wayFSI
Hi there,

since the CFX-Ansys 14 approach is not capable of remesh or "dynamic mesh" in my 2-way FSI simulation, I would like to export my slightly deformed geometry from the rst data in a geometry data, which is importable in the designmodeler. Doing a new design+mesh setup, I would like to restart from the prior rst+res data to reimport stresses on each solid point as well as the fluid solution.
My first idea did not work out so far: :confused:
export csv in CFD-Post --> manipulate the xyz data format --> skin via finite modeler --> reimport in design modeler

Do You have a better idea? :(

Thx in advance,


MainzerKaiser February 27, 2012 05:37

So, I changed my strategy to this procedure:

Has someone successfully transferred a fairly complex 3D geometry (deformed 2D flap) in a parasolid file?
If not, is it possible to use the "target confiugration goemetry", that is produced prior to the parasolid conversion?

In the conversion process, the finite element modeler tells me:
" The parasolid conversion failed for this geometry. Try change the Skin Detection Tool parameters to obtain a more refined geometry"

I was not successfull in refining the detection step, yet!

I have one further question:
Assumed that the deformed structure is importable, does a subsequent FSI simulation work as a restart from the solid stresses etc from the *rst file that comes from the solid FEM simulations?

Thx for any comment!!

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